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Atisa and His Time Machine


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Atisa is back! This time in his time-travel balloon!

Young Atisa thought he was all set for a cushy ride on Daedalus’s balloon to join his mother Gaea in Central Asia. But Danyi, a warrior from the Chinese Emperor’s court, a fierce Gobi blizzard and a mysterious white horse compel him to cross paths with Hieun Tsang, the famed monk and traveller who is on his way to King Harshavardhan’s court. It soon becomes clear that Hieun Tsang is a hunted man, and despite Atisa’s invaluable assistance, the situation only becomes ever more dangerous. Sea pirates, several assassination attempts, friends who cannot be trusted-somebody is determined to make sure that he never returns to China.

Who is the implacable enemy that seeks to harm Hieun Tsang? Will Atisa find the courage needed to defeat the dark forces? Will he reach China safe with the knowledge so arduously collected? Join Atisa and the great monk on their fantastic adventures across 7th century Central Asia and India.

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