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DOA Detective Files Book 2


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Travel back in time with the DOA gang as they solve out-of-this-world mysteries using their wits, will and Tuk Tuk, their autorickshaw with attitude, which also happens to be a time machine!
The Sceptre of Ra has been stolen, putting the Horus Throne in danger. Pharaoh Hatsheput must find the regal sceptre before the new moon or give up the throne to her nephew, the young and ambitious pharaoh-in-waiting Thutmosis III. Desperate, she summons her father, Thutmosis I, from the dead and sends him to bring in the DOA detectives to solve this perplexing mystery before the new moon.
Soon, the detectives discover that there is much more to the theft. An attack by a black cobra, a poisoned drink, ill omens everywhere . . . something sinister is definitely afoot in the great palace. Will the detectives be able to counter Egyptian heka magic and find the sceptre and the thief in time, or will Hatshepsut carry out her threat of throwing them to the crocodiles?

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