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The Adventures of Tenali Raman


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Timeless Tales. Endless Humour. Everlasting Fun.
Tenali Raman, the favourite court jester in the kingdom of Vijayanagara, finds his popularity bringing him many unwanted enemies. Join him as he teaches his enemies a lesson with his sharp mind and quick-witted antics.
Read about the interesting story of Tenali Ramans origin, meet the gluttonous Persian elephant, chase the flying machine that goes berserk, and watch the entire kingdom search for mangoes to appease the ailing queen mother. Tenali Raman is also in for some soul searching when a brilliant poetess arrives at the kingdom, ready to outshine him.
The Adventures of Tenali Raman Vol 1 features some timeless stories about this legendary character, regaling us with Ramans wit, wisdom, ingenuity and charm. Peppered with endearing characters like the shrewd Rajguru, silly Tingary, Ramans pet cat Sundari and a horde of common people with quirky characteristics, this comic book edition takes us on a rollicking journey of adventure and humour.

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