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To The Blue King’s Castle


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One never knows where an escalator may lead!
When Ritu goes shopping in an ordinary mall in an ordinary city on an ordinary day and takes a perfectly ordinary escalator to the lowest floor, the last thing she expects is to step out into the Underground Forest. Trapped in this gloomy Forest, Ritu meets the Resident Magician, Serendipitous, and his assistant, Blanc-Noir. They need her help to go to the Blue King’s Castle, for within the castle, locked away in Dodgson’s Box, lies the spirit of Happiness. But the journey is long and the perils many. The road to the Castle leads through the Outcasts’ Village, past Girnewala Falls, through Mediapolis, through the Bureaucrats’ Maze. There are liars and philosopher-robbers, rabid-seeming dogs with wings, and cars that run only on high-octone emotions. And Ritu discovers, nothing is ordinary in this most extraordinary of adventure lands.
This novel’s epic sweep, its humour and charm, its references to classic works like The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, make it pure pleasure for those who
enjoy language and wordplay, invention and adventure.

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